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Feel the Weird

Thomas Friedman’s op-ed in the Times today is a must-read. It’s on climate-change and climate-change-denial, with Texas governor Rick Perry as the poster-boy and the Texas drought as Exhibit A.

Is It Weird Enough Yet? by Thomas Friedman, op-ed, New York Times, September 14, 2011: Every time I listen to Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota talk about how climate change is some fraud perpetrated by scientists trying to gin up money for research, I’m always reminded of one of my favorite movie lines that Jack Nicholson delivers to his needy neighbor who knocks on his door in the film “As Good As It Gets.” “Where do they teach you to talk like this?” asks Nicholson. “Sell crazy someplace else. We’re all stocked up here.”
Thanks Mr. Perry and Mrs. Bachmann, but we really are all stocked up on crazy right now….

There’s more about climate change, with good, gritty details, and more links to up-to-date climate-change sites than you’ll see in a column any time soon.

Friedman, referring to the failure of American solar energy companies, speaks of  the need for green start-ups to achieve “scale.” Andy Grove, former Intel chairman, expands on the concept in his widely read article from July, 2010: How to Create an American Job Before it is Too Late. It too is a must-read.