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Money Madness: Utah Edition

Utah has passed a Tea-Party inspired law encouraging the use of gold or silver coins from the U.S. Mint as payment for goods and services.

Supporters, according to The New York Times, say “that it is just a beginning, that one day soon Utah might mint its own coins, that retailers could have scales for weighing precious metals and that a state defense force could be formed to guard warehouses where the new money would be made and stored.”

Brave new world? Brave old world? Actually it’s both.

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American Puzzle: Income Rich, Revenue Poor

Listen to Republicans long enough, and you might believe we’re burdened with taxes like no one else. And many Democrats buy into this story too. But it is a well documented fact that the U.S. is one of the least taxed nations in the advanced industrial world. To deal with Medicare, the need for revenue is unavoidable. The same is true for Social Security. Proposals limited to cutting taxes and government spending are just not credible. And cutting government spending does not create jobs—it creates lay-offs.

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