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The Bullshit Campaign

While writing this blog, I find myself treating the Republican Party with increasing ridicule and contempt. There are good reasons for this. They obstruct the legislative process, they smear opponents with outrageous claims, they propose tax “reform” that has no aim but to enrich the wealthy at the expense of everyone else and—there’s no other way to say this—they lie all the time.

But lying is the wrong concept. Most of the time Republicans are not lying, they’re bullshitting.

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Census Report: Incomes, Poverty, Health Insurance Coverage

There has been a lot of coverage already, but here is an analysis focusing on longer-term trends. (Click on an image to open it in a new window.)

Figure 1

Real, inflation-adjusted incomes have fallen overall, not just during the current Great Recession, but for the last decade (Figure 1). From the end of the 2001 recession to 2010, median incomes fell 5% and no doubt have further to go. Mean, or average, incomes fell 6%. Even the modest boost, from 2004 to 2006, failed to match the level reached before the recession, in 2000.

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Mark Thoma: How Republicans Stoked Economic Uncertainty

Mark Thoma tells how “economic uncertainty” has been the main Republican talking point since last summer:

How Republicans Stoked Economic Uncertainty, by Mark Thoma, Column, The Fiscal Times: Prior to the midterm elections, Republicans made a big issue out of the economic uncertainty supposedly created by Democrats in areas such as health care reform, financial reform, future tax rates, the deficit, environmental regulation, and the long-run viability of our social insurance programs.

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