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Occupy Wall Street: Experienced Organizer Offers Advice

Ezra Klein posts comments from organizer Rich Yeselson on Occupy Wall Street. Is this movement scaling up?

The four habits of highly successful social movements, by Rich Yeselson. Posted  on Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog, October 5, 2011. The Wall Street protests seem to be gathering strength and expanding beyond the geographic limits of downtown Manhattan. The media, too, is finally amplifying the story. Whether they will grow larger and sustain themselves beyond these initial street actions will depend upon four things: the work of skilled organizers; the success of those organizers in getting people, once these events end, to meet over and over and over again; whether or not the movement can promote public policy solutions that are organically linked to the quotidian lives of its supporters; and the ability of liberalism’s infrastructure of intellectuals, writers, artists and professionals to expend an enormous amount of their cultural capital in support of the movement.

The whole world is watching.