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Senator John Cornyn, Economic Dunce

Senator John Cornyn (R- Texas) dodged and weaved his way through an interview on PBS, yesterday, revealing just how ignorant and dangerously foolish he is.  Foolish about using the debt-limit deadline to extort agreement on destructive spending cuts from Democrats and the President. And ignorant about the ineffectiveness of tax cuts under current conditions. No responsible economist supports such a program.

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American Puzzle Solved! Robert Reich Explains All in 2 Minutes

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Money Madness: Utah Edition

Utah has passed a Tea-Party inspired law encouraging the use of gold or silver coins from the U.S. Mint as payment for goods and services.

Supporters, according to The New York Times, say “that it is just a beginning, that one day soon Utah might mint its own coins, that retailers could have scales for weighing precious metals and that a state defense force could be formed to guard warehouses where the new money would be made and stored.”

Brave new world? Brave old world? Actually it’s both.

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